the serocor group

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The Brand - The Essence of Serocor

Our vision

The creation of a high growth specialist technology and engineering human capital management group, operating internationally, respected by its industry, appreciated by its clients, supported by its people and successful for its shareholders based on its pride, professionalism and management equity philosophy.

Our mission

Through genuine partnership and a philosophy of shared success, Serocor is committed to helping talented and ambitious people reach their full potential.

Our brand

The below illustrates how the Serocor brand was conceived:

The name

Serocor brand name
Sero:- Sow, Seed, Plant, Grow         Cor:- Heart, Mind, Judgement

The icon

Serocor brand leaf

Two-sided leaf, representing transparency, growth and alignment.

The strapline

Serocor brand strapline

Unlocking and supporting talented and ambitious people to reach their full potential.

Brand Promise

To provide ambitious entrepreneurs in the field of Human Capital Management with the best of both worlds: the freedom and space they need to unleash their entrepreneurial ambitions and the reassurance of having the support of a large group structure and experienced industry experts when they need it.